Three Things To Do Before Recycling A Computer That Is On The Fritz

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Three Things To Do Before Recycling A Computer That Is On The Fritz

9 July 2018
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Computers are often used for many years, but once they tend to go on the fritz, it's easier to get rid of them and get a new one. Due to new technology constantly being introduced into the market, computers become outdated after a certain time. If your computer is no longer needed, and you have replaced it, throwing the computer away is not an option. Instead of throwing the computer away, you will need to recycle the PC. Before you haul your computer away from recycling, here are three necessary things to do. 

Save any files to a USB

If your computer is beginning to malfunction, it is a good idea to remove any files from the computer before it stops working completely. Get a USB, and save all of the files that are on the current PC.

It is best to download all files from the computer on USB or several USBs, then go through the files later. This ensures that you have every file possible downloaded safely before the computer stops working for good. You can then go through the files at your leisure. 

Do a system restart

Once you recycle your computer, certain parts may be reused or repurposed. To ensure that no one has access to any of your personal information or personal files, you should do a factory reset of your computer. This will restore your computer to the settings that it had when you first purchased the computer from the store.

This means that none of your personal files or saved information will be left on the computer. This will give you peace of mind that none of your personal info will be out if one of your parts is recycled. 

Keep the small parts

It is common to think of a computer as one piece, although computers are made up of several pieces. If you are recycling your PC, you may still have working parts that you will be able to use for your new computer.

If you have a strong working keyboard, mouse, and webcam, you will be able to keep these parts and install them on your new computer. To be sure that these computer parts work with other PCs, check them on a friend's computer or work PC.

If they work appropriately, clean them off, and look for a possible cover to give them a new look along with a new PC. For more information, contact a PC recycling service such as Ranch Town Recycling Center Inc.