No Waste(d) Effort: Tapping Into Trash Management Trends For A Luxury Apartment Complex

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No Waste(d) Effort: Tapping Into Trash Management Trends For A Luxury Apartment Complex

16 May 2016
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When you manage a distinctly upscale multifamily residential property, top quality amenities are a basic expectation. But to retain current residents and attract new ones in the increasingly competitive luxury apartment market, you'll need to go beyond the basics. Selective renters seek unique features that will enhance their lifestyle. They look at the building's sustainability, extraordinary conveniences and a sense of community when they choose a property for which they'll pay top dollar rental rates. Yet despite all the pizzazz and charm, there remains an unglamorous reality – trash. Every apartment produces it. And savvy managers are transforming the way waste is handled into another attractive feature their complex offers.

Valet Trash Removal

Getting trash from the apartment to the site where a hauler picks it up can be a major inconvenience for residents. In multi-story buildings, they're required to take it to the trash chute down the hall or to a dedicated trash room on each floor. Whichever the case, taking out the trash becomes a daily necessity that takes up time and isn't particularly pleasant. After all, who wants to carry a bag of trash when they're all dressed up for work or on their way out for the evening? In single-story and garden apartment complexes, trash duty isn't any more convenient when you have to go to the outdoor dumpster enclosure.

Valet trash removal eliminates all the fuss, freeing apartment residents from having to deal with chutes, dark trash collection rooms and inclement weather conditions when the deposit site is an outdoor dumpster. The service may be provided by your own in-house custodial staff or by an outside contractor. The key elements are:

  • Butler bins. Attractively designed trash containers on wheels. The resident simply rolls the bin out the door into the hall or onto the porch for the service to handle. All the resident has to deal with is rolling the clean, empty bin back inside.
  • Daily pick-up on weekdays. You may also offer extra pick-ups, with or without a small fee, on the weekends and holidays.
  • A nominal fee for the service. Depending on the property's schedule of charges, you may opt to include this service in the rental fee or make it an extra line item on the bill, similar to pool locker fees or extra storage space rental charges.

Pet Waste Management

Pet friendly complexes are becoming more popular, but dealing with pet waste can become a problem. Beyond establishing strict guidelines, you can encourage fun, yet responsible action from your pet-owning residents with features that make tidying up convenient.

  • Install discrete pet waste stations at multiple sites around the property. Each should include a permanent bin with removable liners that are changed routinely by custodial staff to keep odor in check, and a container of plastic baggies for the owners to scoop up after their pets do their business.
  • Consider adding doggy DNA testing as part of the requirement for keeping a pet at the complex. A simple swab from the dog's mouth is sent to a lab for testing. Any waste left on the grounds can also be tested and matched so the owner of the offending animal can be sanctioned according to terms of the rental contract.
  • Create a separate play area dedicated to romping dogs and their loving owners.

Voluntary Composting Operation 

Establishing your complex as a sustainable, green property is appealing to many who rent for luxury and amenities. Creating a voluntary composting program fits nicely into the eco-friendly atmosphere.

  • Set up a collection station for fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds and other organic material.
  • Let residents know what items should not be put in the compost.
  • Coordinate with your groundskeeper to keep the compost turned and to use it in a way where residents can see the results of their contributions.

Other trash management extras could include providing a monthly pick-up of used small appliances for repair and resale by a charitable organization and Christmas tree removal and recycling services. Your creative methods for dealing with trash problems help your property to gain a reputation for convenience and luxurious comfort.

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