Commercial Business Looking A Bit Untidy? 3 Steps You Can Take To Keep Things Picked Up

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Commercial Business Looking A Bit Untidy? 3 Steps You Can Take To Keep Things Picked Up

19 October 2017
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If you own a commercial business, you know how important cleanliness is. When customers approach your establishment, the first thing they notice is how well the grounds are being kept. If your commercial property is dirty and unkempt or has trash strewn about the parking lot, your customers are going to notice. That's why it's crucial that you take your trash service seriously. Here are three tips you can follow that will help keep your commercial property looking professional:

Know What Type of Trash You Have

You might know how much trash your business generates, but do you know what type of trash it is? If you're disposing of all your garbage in one receptacle, you might be loading up the landfill with waste that could have been recycled. While you and your employees are busy taking the trash out, make a note of the type of trash it is that you're disposing of. This will allow you to order the right number of bins, and the right type of bins for your business waste. For maximum efficiency, you should have receptacles for general waste, and for recyclables.

Know Where to Set Your Trash Cans

You might have large dumpsters on your property, but do you also have smaller trashcans for your customers to use? If you don't, you could be inviting your customers to litter, even though you don't mean to. If trash cans are readily available, people will often drop their garbage at their feet. When they do that, they're creating extra work for your employees, but they're also littering your parking lot, and adding to the disheveled appearance of your business. By placing small trash cans near your building, and out in the parking lot, you're providing your customers with the opportunity to neatly dispose of their waste.

Keep Your Trash Cans Covered

You might have ample trash cans around your building, but are they covered? If they aren't, the trash could end up strewn across your parking lot by the wind, and by local birds. The best way to ensure that the trash stays in your trash cans is to keep them covered. Covered trash cans also prevent stray animals from foraging through your garbage, and creating unsanitary conditions around your commercial property. To keep trash where it belongs, always keep the lids on your trash cans, which should also include your commercial dumpster lids. If your trash cans get filled before they're due to be emptied, be sure to arrange for additional service dates or order a few extra trash receptacles.

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