How To Make Recycling Faster, Easier, And More Efficient

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Do you have an easy way to get the recyclable items out of your house effectively? If you are just tossing out the thing that can be recycled, you need to make some changes immediately. This blog contains the information you need to assist in finding a company that will haul away all of your recyclable materials and take them to a center that will actually do with them what needs to be done. It is our hope that providing you with this information will help you begin taking the necessary steps to keep recyclable materials out of our country's landfills.

How To Make Recycling Faster, Easier, And More Efficient

27 September 2018
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Trying to recycle and get things through a recycling plant with greater efficiency is difficult to say the least. Waste stream management solutions address this very problem. Here are some of the updates you can make to your recycling plant to make recycling processing faster, easier, and more efficient.

Shake-Down Hoppers

Shakedown hoppers help you sort denser, heavier materials for recycling. The hoppers shake down commingled recyclables so that no manual sorting is needed. Metals, such as aluminum, are heavier than most plastics and definitely heavier than paper products. The hoppers are able to detect what is metal with a technologically advanced sensor system. Then, they shake most metal objects down until the hopper releases the metals onto a conveyor belt. Paper and plastics remain in separated layers inside the hoppers. The hoppers move to a separate conveyor belt line to deposit plastics and paper on their own conveyor belts. Employees stand by to pluck out any products that do not belong in or on a specific conveyor line.

Fast Speed Automated Conveyors

Conveyor belts in a recycling plant typically move very slowly along so that employees can manually separate recyclables and switch the separated items to other conveyor belts. That is a thing of the past. Now, special systems automatically sort recyclables before they are ever dropped on a conveyor, and employees just pluck out the random items that do not belong. The conveyors are fully automated and very fast, cutting down on the time needed to move recyclables through the plant to the end stages. This also forces employees to be more vigilant at spotting and plucking things out of the wrong line. At the end of the shift, the wrong items plucked are moved from bins behind each employee to the correct conveyor belt for the next shift to start.

Lift, Pour, Melt, Mash, and Burn

The end processes at your plant could probably do with some updates as well. Everything coming off a conveyor belt needs to go into its own vat. Metal is melted, plastic is melted, and paper is turned back into a mash pulp. If you conduct any of these end processes inside your plant, you want these items to automatically fall into a vat instead of having to be placed or dumped by employees. Your conveyor belts can go up on an incline, passing overhead like a foot bridge, and ending over the tops of the vats. At the speed at which your automated conveyors run, this process should be very quick. Keep vats hot and ready to melt or mash, and everything will be processed efficiently.

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