2 Ways To Make A Positive Impact On The Environment

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2 Ways To Make A Positive Impact On The Environment

3 January 2019
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Do you want to make more of a positive impact on the environment? You may hear about things like pollution in the ocean and global warming and start to worry about what will happen if people continue to pollute and do not conserve certain resources. If you have an interest in making a difference, you can do quite a few simple things that will have a good impact on the environment.

Take Curbside Recycling Seriously

Does a recycling truck come around in your neighborhood to collect recyclables from bins? If so, you should make sure that you are taking the time to sort recyclable goods from trash, putting those items that may be recycled in the recycling bin before putting it out to get collected. Curbside recycling is beneficial because it reduces waste, helps to conserve some energy, and saves some resources because new items are created with the old items that you are recycling, such as your soda cans and plastic beverage bottles. If you want to start recycling more than you used to, you need to know exactly what to put in your recycling bin. These are the following items that are considered recyclable:

  • Plastic food containers that are empty and have been cleaned out
  • Empty plastic beverage containers with or without lids
  • Glass containers
  • Aluminum cans and materials
  • Plastic bags that are commonly handed out when shopping at stores

Remember to avoid putting these items in the trash and simply add any of these items to your recycling bin because then it can get collected and recycled in the future instead of thrown out and never used again.

Start Using Reusable Items

If you start reusing certain items, you can contribute to less waste. For example, instead of using the shopping bags that are given to you at supermarkets, bring your own reusable bags and store your groceries in those bags. Instead of purchasing the plastic water bottles from the grocery store, invest in a water filter for your sink and then add the fresh water to a reusable bottle that you can take with you anywhere. There are even portable water bottles that come with filters installed in them already, which is convenient if you need to fill your bottle up on the go.

It is not hard to make a positive impact on the environment. If you make a few changes, such as choosing to recycle items and use reusable shopping bags and bottles when drinking water, you can do your share to help support a healthier environment. Contact a recycling service, like Industrial Services Inc, for more help.