Benefits Of Using Recycled Asphalt In A Project

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Benefits Of Using Recycled Asphalt In A Project

31 January 2022
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Asphalt paving can enhance your property's appearance and increase property value. Also, asphalt pavements are longer lasting than other options like concrete paving. While most homeowners prefer grade 1 asphalt, recycled asphalt is becoming more popular. Here are the pros of using 3/4" recycled asphalt in a paving project.

Preserves the Environment

During asphalt manufacturing, manufacturers usually distill crude oil to separate it into different products like petroleum products and topped crude for making asphalt. Recycling asphalt reduces the use of new oil needed for asphalt manufacturing. Additionally, recycled asphalt reduces greenhouse emissions released during asphalt production.

Moreover, asphalt typically contains non-biodegradable materials like glass and cement. These materials can find their way into landfills, causing pollution. Fortunately, utilizing recycled asphalt prevents these non-biodegradable materials from reaching landfills, protecting the environment. Most importantly, recycled asphalt forms thicker paving with a long lifespan. This reduces the need for new asphalt paving, conserving natural resources like oil, sand, and gravel.

Saves Paving Costs

Virgin or new asphalt is more costly than recycled asphalt. That's because dealers have to factor in the costs of manufacturing and transport. Recycled asphalt is more affordable since dealers don't incur the cost of new materials. Also, manufacturers use less energy to refine the used asphalt. Therefore, you can save money on your paving project. Besides, you can recycle asphalt multiple times, which makes recycled asphalt an economically viable paving option.

Additionally, recycled asphalt paving is stiffer, reducing the likelihood of cracking. Therefore, your paving won't need frequent repairs or replacements. This reduces maintenance expenses significantly.

Offers Tax Benefits

Contractors and homeowners can enjoy tax benefits when using 3/4" recycled asphalt. For instance, most states offer tax incentives if you use green products that save energy and preserve the environment. However, check with the local authorities to determine the tax benefits you may gain by using recycled asphalt.

Offers Flexibility

Recycled asphalt can be used in different residential and commercial paving projects. For instance, you can use it on your parking lot, driveway, or walkway. Additionally, the installation process is relatively straightforward, like new asphalt. You only need to prepare the area you want to pave by eliminating existing surfaces or debris. Then, pour the asphalt neatly and bind it. Proper installation of your recycled asphalt paving can increase the longevity of your various paved surfaces.

Recycled 3/4" asphalt preserves the environment, saves paving costs, and offers tax benefits and flexibility. Consider using 3/4" recycled asphalt to enjoy these benefits. Reach out to a local service, such as Boulder Recycled Aggregate, to learn more.