Old Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

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Old Corrugated Cardboard Recycling

23 January 2023
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Old corrugated cardboard is a renewable material that may qualify for a rebate or a cash refund. This material is commonly found in commercial industries and often takes up a lot of space within a facility. If you have an abundance of OCC in your warehouse or on your property, consider its use value and set up a recycling plan.

Multi-Layer Cardboard

Corrugated cardboard contains multiple layers that are designed to support packed goods. Fluting is typically sandwiched between two layers of smooth cardboard. OCC differs from other boxboard products, including cereal boxes and other single-layer products that are used to package wholesale goods and retail goods.

Due to the thickness of an OCC product, this type of cardboard is often bulky when flattened. As a result, OCC can take up a lot of space in a trashcan or dumpster. Multi-layer cardboard that is clean and dry is processed at recycling centers. It is formed into other cardboard products that are used to ship out goods.

Recycling Options

A recycling center that accepts OCC products may specify that the materials need to be clean and dry. Labels, tape, and other materials that are affixed to an OCC product may need to be removed, prior to the cardboard product being accepted through a recycling facility. Mud, dirt, and any other debris that is stuck to the inside or outside of an old corrugated cardboard product should be removed.

If you currently store empty boxes in your commercial facility, contact a recycling center and request a breakdown of the type of cardboard products that are accepted, plus the incentives that are offered to recycling patrons. A baler can be used to secure large stacks of OCC products. If you are going to transport a large load of OCC products to a recycling center, it can be beneficial to bale the products, prior to placing them on a flatbed or inside of a trailer that is going to be used for hauling purposes.

A compactor is another type of equipment that can be used to crush OCC products. Crushing the corrugated materials will condense the items that are going to be recycled. If you will be storing recyclables outdoors, choose an area that is covered. A recycling center may reject products that become wet. This will necessitate a careful storage plan that keeps recyclables protected from the weather. 

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